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”Kristina is an inspiring trendsetter and charismatic entrepreneur who creates arenas for cutting edge
perspectives and action.”




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What you can expect from me: My ambition is to create arenas for cutting edge perspectives and action. I help my clients look beyond their own limitations and constantly try to find new ways to support transformation.

My mission is to spread more passion, creativity and courage in professional life. I think that when people love what they do in a culture where creativity and experimentation are supported, real innovation and success take place. I aim at creating “dreaming doers”, entre- and intrapreneurs, that dare to dream but also to turn their dreams into reality.


My professional reputation in brief: “Kristina always wants to give you her best and doesn’t see the limitations that are stopping others. She is an inspiring trendsetter and with her business mindset she makes her clients see beyond their own limitations. Kristina is brilliant when creating and trying out new ideas and she has the courage to challenge you to action. She is charismatic, a convincing speaker and constantly creating arenas for cutting edge perspectives and action.

Kristina’s work permeates with the highest level of ambition, quality standard and perfection at delivery. She has a unique ability to combine her business thinking with her humility and the easy-going way of creativity with the thoroughness of the analytic. Kristina is smart, very inspiring to work with and with her curiosity she brings out the very best in her clients – things they hadn’t always anticipated. She is a genuine and bold entrepreneur who challenges traditional ways of thinking.”

This abstract is based upon the anonymous responses from clients in August 2015. Analyzed by Per Frykman – Your Professional Reputation AB.


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