50 Results I’m Proud Of This Year (So Far).

When creating your ideal professional life – or making any change – retaining your energy is crucial to keep going. One of the best ways to boost your energy is through acknowledging what you’ve already accomplished. I’ve written about  this before but worth repeating. When you acknowledge what you’ve already accomplished you will build your confidence. When you build your confidence you will take action and accomplish even more. See the brilliant loop here? 🙂 


List 50 results you are proud of having accomplished so far this year (to make this really powerful I suggest you write it down).


First 10, or even 20, results are easy. But then it gets harder. Perfectly natural, hang in there! Don’t forget about the super small – but still so important – things: Have you started to take different ways home to boost your creativity? Have you bought a nice copybook to journal your ideas? Don’t forget about the inside: Have you changed your view on something? Have you discovered a new talent? Or decided on an existing talent that you want to expand? Have you got a new insight on what’s important in your professional life? A new idea you will explore?


Still hard to come up with results? Go out and create some new!


Here’s my list, hope it will serve as inspiration. So far this year I’m very proud of that I have:

  1. Worked with awesome clients!
  2. Had the absolute privilege to help my clients create their ideal professional lives.
  3. Met new interesting people.
  4. Grown my network.
  5. Had the honor to be a part when new supercool business ideas were born.
  6. Set the theme for this year: Focus.
  7. Stuck to that theme even though it have meant saying no to funny projects.
  8. Given seminars to inspire people to start creating their ideal professional lives.
  9. Given webinars for the very same reason.
  10. Gone all in to shift my business into what I really want to do.
  11. Done my morning meditation (almost) all days.
  12. Cleaned my computer and put everything in folders.
  13. Got even more clear about my ideal professional life.
  14. Got rid of things consuming my energy for nothing.
  15. Practiced asking for help (that´s a good one, right? 🙂 ).
  16. Improved my programs.
  17. Changed my mindset around finances (previously boring, now kind of fun 🙂 )
  18. Written my eBook (you can get your free copy by signing up on your right hand side)
  19. Written blog posts every second day.
  20. Sent out my monthly inspirational emails every month, inspired or not.
  21. Worked consistently with my Advisory Board to keep me on track.
  22. Practiced saying no to non-ideal projects.
  23. Worked consistently with my to-don’t list.
  24. Celebrated my successes.
  25. Completed the script for my second book “If You Dig It, Gig It” (stay tuned, launching in September)
  26. Launched an Accelerator for “gigers”.
  27. Stayed focused (not so easy for an entrepreneurial mind 😉 )
  28. Shared my story.
  29. Explored the new technical platforms enabling freelancers to connect globally.
  30. Closed down social media accounts I no longer use.
  31. Prioritized business development time.
  32. Invested in myself and my personal development.
  33. Managed my energy.
  34. Launched a new beta version of myself every day 🙂
  35. Allowed myself to dream big even though I don’t have a clue how to get there…
  36. Used check-boxes on all my to-do lists to double the amount of action.
  37. Practiced stretching my deadlines and found out I seldom need as much time as I think to complete the task.
  38. Challenged myself to step up and take myself and my business to the next level (suuuuuuuper scary but LOTS of fun!)
  39. Started to delegate things that are not in my unique brilliance (phew, now that’s something for a control enthusiast 😉 )
  40. Become more aware of how I want my work/life integration.
  41. Begun “digital detox nights” meaning no phone in bedroom and no emails or social media before breakfast.
  42. Facilitated workshops to help my clients come up with new ideas and perspectives and expand their entrepreneurial minds.
  43. Taught workshop design and facilitation.
  44. Improved my speaking skills.
  45. Said yes to projects in line with my big why even though I don’t have the formal competence.
  46. Practiced saying “thank you” and nothing more when receiving a compliment.
  47. Strengthen my belief in my own ability.
  48. Found a way to merge my different programs into one system (stay tuned here too, more info coming soon)
  49. Found out what I’m actually offering my clients: Professional Freedom! Which is what you will hear about from me from now on.
  50. Written down 50 results I’m proud of so far this year 🙂


When I read my list I feel both proud of myself and SO grateful for all amazing people giving me the opportunity to do what I love. I really recommend you give it a try!


What are you proud of that you’ve accomplished so far this year? Can you list 50 results? I know you can.