Become known for what you haven’t done…yet

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Some time ago, I was interview in the Swedish newspaper Metro about expectations and how to attract clients (or employers, or talent, or investors…) in today’s expectations economy.


We know from research at Stanford University and Harvard Business School that potential outshines experience when choosing whom to hire, what product or service we will buy or where to invest. It’s about kicking off the right expectations! That’s what makes people stand in endless lines to get the latest Apple product – even if they haven’t tried, or even seen, it.


”It´s potential, not experience we go crazy over”

Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson, Colombia Business School


The journalist interviewing me came up with the brilliant headline: ”Become known for what you haven’t done…yet.” Wow, talking about kicking off expectations! 🙂


How will you get known for what you haven’t done? Yet…