When starting a business our resources are constrained and we often lack both information and time. When thinking about it further, it’s actually the same conditions we’re all facing in today’s professional life. With ever-changing markets and conditions we need to act fast and we need to act now even though we don’t know what’s the right thing to do. That’s why I think we all need to enter and stay in startup mode.


Making progress means taking a certain amount of risk. We need to push opportunities and try new things. Then it’s good to remember that risk is dynamic and situational. What once seemed too risky might now be perfectly ok.


Just sayin’… 😉



Committing to being in constant beta means committing to continuous growth. Always learning. Always exploring. Always expanding, breaking our limiting beliefs about what we can accomplish.


Time to launch yourself and your business in beta and set off on an exciting off-road experience. Only you decide where – and if – it will end.

All humans are entrepreneurs. That doesn’t mean everyone should start her or his own business. But we’re all designed to be creative, which is the basis of entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur has the ability to dream; to see things as they could be rather than as they are. An entrepreneur also turns the dream into action; because she/he knows that it’s action that changes things. I see entrepreneurs as Dreaming Doers. Needed both inside and outside organizations and much needed to create the future we want.


The key is to dream and do simultaneously.


As Robin Sharma puts it:

Dream big. Start small. Act now.

Last thing to learn from Sagrada Familia, the church in beta, at least for now. I think the architect, Gaudi, heard quite a few times that he was crazy. I think quite a few people told him this project was impossible. I think he had a bunch of critics… Nevertheless he proceeded. Step by step. And now, we can’t say anything else than success. Something to keep in mind when you get questioned. If you’re about to disrupt traditional ways of doing things, you WILL be called crazy. And that’s a good thing.

Bonus: if you meet someone with a crazy but beautiful idea, support her/him. Letting Gaudi realize his progressive buildings was probably the best thing the city of Barcelona could do…

Yes, you have to work hard to be remarkable. But hard work doesn’t have to equal struggle. Hard work can be inspiring, fulfilling and fun!


The recipe: Make sure you love what you do (and put everything else on you to-don’t-list). Stay curious. Use your strengths. Keep exploring. Push opportunities. Always make progress. Think Beta.


Stay in Startup Mode!


Simply a brilliant tagline and one of my favorites. Something to keep in mind no matter if it’s sports or business. Also one of the fundamentals in The Beta Paradigm where planning doesn’t lead to action – planning IS action. Act while you plan, plan while you act. Act fast. 

Just do it. 

just do it

Another thing to learn from Sagrada Familia, the church in beta: If you’re up to something, go all in.


Sagrada Familia is not only a huge building, it’s also a grand vision. Not only spectacular to look at but also a complex construction.


When going for your vision, be courageous and go all in. Most important though, get going. Use your beta versions.


Thinking of yourself and your business as constant beta versions is not an excuse to be ordinary. It’s a tool to become extraordinary. Always strive to be remarkable but embrace the fact that no one is perfect and that perfect is not even the goal. Progress is. Avoid stagnation and get rid of perfection paralysis once and for all. Stay in Startup Mode!


Last days I’ve been working from Barcelona, preparing our upcoming Nex(t)cellence event. Also got really inspired by one of the great monuments; Sagrada Familia. Thought I would share my takeaways with you this week.


This building has been under construction the last 125 years and won’t be finished any time soon, if ever. I call it being in permanent beta 🙂 So, can you not be finished and still attract clients and earn money?


Oh yes! Sagrada Familia is fully financed by exhibition fees and people stay in line for hours to see it. In fact, not being finished is what makes it attractive. I think the same goes for you and your business; you’re more attractive when you’re in beta, making progress. Finished, or perfect, is boring.