A maybe-free week!

Wrote some time ago about maybe being the opposite of yes, and the opposite of being in startup mode. Maybe is non-definitive which means stagnation. It’s not always easy to walk the talk and last days I’ve found myself in a stage of maybe… Lucky me, I have a great business mentor, Per Frykman, and he challenged me to have a “maybe-free” day. After some discussion we decided to make the rest of the week maybe-free. Here we go!


Will you join me?


Don’t let your dream wait for you!

Kind of often I hear ”You’re so brave starting your own business”. Of course, I’m very honored that people think I’m brave and happy for the compliment – thank you!! But honestly, I’m no braver than anyone else. What happened when I followed my dream and started my business some years ago, was that I realized three important things:


  1. There is no right time.
  2. There is no right level of experience or education.
  3. There are no right conditions.


Now is just as good as tomorrow, or next week or next year, for taking action. To me it’s helpful to think about myself and my business as constant beta versions; not perfect but always making progress and striving to be remarkable.


Maybe that could help you to? Don’t let your dream wait for you!


Never settle.

Never settle. Protect your curiosity. Nurture your creativity. Love what you do. Strive to be a slightly better beta version of yourself every day. Push opportunities and take action. Make an impact. Change the world.


That’s Startup Mode.


Is easier really the goal?

The brilliant Seth Godin wrote the other day about dreams.


If having a small dream we start with what’s available and choose the best alternative. If having a big and important dream we start with what’s needed and then find a way. Something to keep in mind when it feels hard. Small dreams are easier to realize. But as Seth Godin puts it; is easier the goal?


Highly recommend you to follow Seth Godin’s blog.

All about the results

Here’s what to expect from the Nex(t)cellence THINK TANK:

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  • A bunch of kick-ass spirit 😉
  • Your unique road map to your professional future


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Add an extra

Today could be an ordinary day. If you don’t decide to add an extra. Then it is an extraordinary day. You could be ordinary in your field of work. If you don’t decide to add an extra. Then you will be extraordinary.


I think that extra contains equal amounts of curiosity, creativity, love of what you do and willingness to make progress instead of perfection.


When you think you’re writing a book and realize you’re creating a movement…

That’s what happened yesterday. Our book project, the Beta Paradigm, turned out to be something much bigger. We’re on a mission to set business and work life in Beta mode. Instead of limiting structures that suppress creativity and innovation, we’d like to see a system supporting creativity, innovation and giving people and companies the courage to stand out as unique.


The tech industry has known this for long – innovate or die. Their solution is constant Beta versions. You could adopt the same concept. Why not apply the concept of Beta to yourself (and your business)? We all know Beta versions have bugs, so do we. It’s time to embrace them, to decide which ones are worth fixing and which ones you can live with. But more than anything it’s time to start creating a work life where you, and your business, will be remarkable. That’s what’s the Beta Paradigm is all about.


Would you like to be part of the Beta Tribe? Stay tuned…

Why you shouldn’t protect your ideas

As a group-training instructor I listen to A LOT of music, especially when a new term is about to start. In my case mainly House. One thing that I really like about the ”House community” is that everyone builds upon each other’s ideas all the time. It’s actually a prerequisite to make remixes of other DJs songs. A win-win situation: the “remixer” gets a great song for her/his set, and the original artist’s music is spread.


What if we would fully embrace that idea in business and let others advance our ideas instead of trying to protect them at all cost? Interesting thought, right? 🙂


Are you waiting to get inspired?

Wrote yesterday about saying yes to the artist inside. Struck me that artists have one more super important characteristic that I think we all should learn from: Artists don’t passively wait to be inspired. They actively seek out inspiration. And they know that sometimes you need to do the work, inspired or not (which in fact is a really good way to get inspired: start doing the work).


I find it helpful to keep a list of inspiring activities and when feeling completely out of inspiration I look at the list, chose one activity and get going. What about you?