The future is the future, not the past

“Yes, of course. Stupid statement”, you might think. I ask you to think again. When applying for a new job, what do we focus on? Our past experience. When marketing our services, what do we talk about? Our past projects. What if I say it’s potential, not experience that decides whom will get hired, or chosen for the project? Research shows that’s the truth. It’s time you start lead with Your Next Big Thing. Because in the future, it is the future that counts. Not the past.

Work = Play

Work is hard. Work is serious. Work is definitely not play. Or is it..? In today’s expectations economy where we constantly need to reinvent ourselves and our businesses, play might be the crucial factor we need. Play means creativity, imagination and new perspectives. Play means “try – see what works – try again”. Play means developing as we go. Play is an essential part to spark your entrepreneurial mind and unleash Your Next Big Thing. Don’t take work too serious – play more 🙂

Sneak peek from Sharp Body, Sharp Mind

Last Friday it was time for our new concept called Sharp Body, Sharp Mind at Bosön, Stockholm. Actually, what happens at Bosön stays at Bosön 😉 But I’ll give you a sneak peek…

We started with a workout session to fully wake up, be present and get our creativity flow. As you know workout really boost creativity by increasing blood flow, giving focus and increasing confidence.


Then, three breakthrough workshops giving the group new ideas and insights when it comes to Your Next Big Thing, What’s Your Case and Your Professional Reputation. It was amazing how the group shared ideas and helped stretching each other’s comfort zones! Big up to all whom participated! 🙂

Last but not least the group together took on a workout challenge based on the expectations they’d build during the day. And delivered, of course.

Well, we had sweat – but no blood and no tears. Instead we had lots of passion and laughter. I believe we all learned something new about ourselves during the day.

Next event will take place on May 8th at Bosön. We will continue doing this with small, exclusive groups. Make sure to reserve your spot by sending me an email


What a super exciting day! (you can tell we’re excited by the picture, right? 😉 )

Start before you’re ready!

We often strive to have everything under control before starting something or launching a new product, service or idea. But have you noticed that this just never happens? Instead, while we’re trying to get things under control, someone else takes the opportunity and disrupts the market. Conclusion: we need to get started before we’re ready! As Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, said “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” Your Next Big Thing is waiting for you. What can you start today, even if you “aren’t ready”?

The difference between a vision and Your Next Big Thing

Was asked about the about the difference between a vision and Your Next Big Thing. Well, to me a vision is a utopia that will never be fully reached. It depends both on internal and external factors. It’s a goal that is often intangible and (unfortunately) full of clichés. Your Next Big Thing is within your control, inspires to action, is doable and hands on. It’s not a goal but a process for continuous improvement. One of my business mentors talks about always upgrading the Beta version of ourselves. It’s about progress, not perfection. It’s about Your Next Big Thing.

Success is not perfection, it’s making progress


Success is not about perfection, it’s about making progress. Something every entrepreneurial mind need to remember…and sometimes be reminded of 🙂 Success is about continuously improving and becoming more unique. It’s about taking action even if you can’t foresee the outcome. It’s about dreaming big, but start small. These are essential parts of my take on Your Next Big Thing. It’s not a goal, it’s a system for continuous improvement. That inspires you to stretch yourself, become more you and do more of what you really want to do.

The definition of entrepreneurship is changing


The definition of an entrepreneur is changing. Read an article on Forbes the other day where author Dan Schawbel talks about how the typical definition – someone who starts a company – is replaced by a person who sees opportunities and pushes them. The new definition is all about mindset. My firm believe is that, in today’s and tomorrow’s fast changing work life, you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset in order to be successful. It’s time to unleash your inner entrepreneur and go for Your Next Big Thing!

Expand your mental bandwidth

mental bandwidth

Heard the expression ”Expand your mental bandwidth” a while ago. That really spoke to me! When expanding our mental bandwidth we open up for new perspectives and see things as they can, be instead of as they are. To grow and develop, to challenge our comfort zone and use our creativity is essential parts of being alive. To me, stagnation means slowly fading away. That’s why I’m dedicated to spark your entrepreneurial mind and release the power of Your Next Big Thing!

Sharp body, Sharp Mind – March 20th


Imagine a day where you start with a workout that will boost your confidence, sharpen your focus and unleash your creativity. Then you sit down with likeminded people dedicated to help you stretch your vision for this year.

Will you think bigger than ever before? Most likely. Will this year be your best year yet? Well, you have a good start.

Guess what? There is such a day! 🙂 Welcome to Sharp body, Sharp mind!

We’re now announcing another date for the event. Save the date March 20th. Just email me at if interested.


Sharp Body, Sharp Mind March 20th Bosön, Stockholm 7 am to 5 pm

You’ll experience 2 mind stretching workouts and 3 breakthrough workshops:

  1. Your Next Big Thing (workshop)
  2. What’s your case? (workshop)
  3. Your Professional Reputation (workshop)

Read more (in Swedish).

Where do you find your energy – in your past or in your future?


Yesterday I spent a full day with my business school. What really struck me was that successful entrepreneurship is about energy. When you feel energized, your entrepreneurial mind has the spark needed to see things as they could be rather than as they are. You’ll inspire those around you and create positive expectations among your clients, prospects and colleagues.

When are you most energetic and inspiring – when you talk about what you’ve done in the past or when you tell what you intend to do in the future? I know my answer. It´s time to start telling about Your Next Big Thing! 🙂