Your Work Of Art.

What if you should look at yourself as an artist creating a totally unique experience called your professional life? Would it make you feel any different when going to work in the morning? Probably. Just as an artist, use your creativity and imagination to craft your perfect professional experience. Be yourself. Dare to stand out. And do work that makes you proud.

Have You Played At Work Today?

Work is hard. Work is serious. Work is definitely not play. Or..? In today’s ever-changing world where we constantly need to reinvent ourselves and our businesses, play might be the crucial factor we need. 

Play means creativity, imagination and new perspectives. Play means “try – see what works – try again”. Play means developing as we go. Play is an essential part to professional freedom. Don’t take work too serious – let’s play 😃 

Note What Energies You. Do More Of That.

I believe we do way too much without actually paying attention to what we do and how it make us feel. I think that’s why so many people do something they actually dislike day in and day out. Today, pay some extra attention to what you do at work. What makes you happy and energized? What brings you that feeling of fulfilment and joy?


Then, do more of that tomorrow.


Be The Bold Leader Of Your Professional Life.

Attended a very interesting event discussing leadership last week. The panel concluded that we need bold leaders with a clear and thought-through idea about what they want. I believe that is true for us as individuals as well. We are the leaders in our own lives. Decide what you want and dare to take a stand for that. Also when it means walking unknown paths in the adventure called professional life. Have the courage to define your way.



Unleash Your Rock Star Qualities.

Gave a presentation the other day about the growing Gig Economy. We discussed the definition of a gig and what’s really the difference between a gig:er, a consultant or a freelancer. Interesting to think about. I think one of the most important things that distinguishes gig:ing is that it makes the professional the rock star she or he is supposed to be. Your work is your art. Your job is your stage. Be the star you’re supposed to be. Unleash your rock star qualities.