Wish you all happy holidays! Relax, recharge and why not take a moment and reflect on where you’re going? Are you moving in the right direction or is it maybe time to correct the course for 2017? Create the professional life you want. Your professional freedom is waiting!

I know I nag about action… But the truth is that it is when we take action that things will change.


No matter how clever thoughts you think, no-one will notice unless you take action and tell someone.

No matter how great your idea is, nothing will change until you take action and start implementing.

No matter how bold plans you have for the future, nothing will happen until you start taking action in that direction.


Now is the time to start making your future self proud. What action will you do today to make your future self proud?


Read this quote the other day “The more you look at competition, the more you will look like competition”.

“The more you look at competition, the more you will look like competition”

Touché. Might be smarter to just focus on your unique talents and how you’d like to run your professional life. Because after all, you get hired because you are you. Not because you’re like competition…



It is so easy to be drawn into someone else’s definition of success. To evaluate your results based on a scale set by others. But the fact is only you know what success means to you. Make sure you play the game on your terms. Let your definition of success guide you on the adventure called professional life. It’s up to you to decide what’s important. Use that power.


What if you should look at yourself as an artist creating a totally unique experience called your professional life? Would it make you feel any different when going to work in the morning? Probably. Just as an artist, use your creativity and imagination to craft your perfect professional experience. Be yourself. Dare to stand out. And do work that makes you proud.
Work is hard. Work is serious. Work is definitely not play. Or..? In today’s ever-changing world where we constantly need to reinvent ourselves and our businesses, play might be the crucial factor we need. 

Play means creativity, imagination and new perspectives. Play means “try – see what works – try again”. Play means developing as we go. Play is an essential part to professional freedom. Don’t take work too serious – let’s play 😃 

Everything around us is created by someone. Someone who saw something as it could be instead of how it was. Someone no different from you. Instead of waiting for someone else to create what you’ve always wished for, go out and create it yourself.


Why are we trying so hard to fit in when we were born to stand out? We choose whom to hire, invest in, buy from, partner with etc. based on their uniqueness, not because they’re like everyone else. Why not make this week about launching an updated beta version that is a little bit more YOU every day?


Making progress means taking a certain amount of risk. We need to push opportunities and try new things. Then it’s good to remember that risk is dynamic and situational. What once seemed too risky might now be perfectly ok.


Just sayin’… 😉


No matter what we tend to believe, there are no rules how to handle our (professional) lives. No predestined path to follow. No right answers. Instead there’s an exciting and inspiring road ahead, yours to explore.


Do it.