Don’t give such a *** about what other people think :)

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Read this interesting article the other day; How quitting my corporate job for my startup dream f*cked up my life. The author tells the story of how he quitted his successful corporate career to go for his own startup and the struggle with friends, family and society questioning his choice. Though, I haven’t had the exact same experience I agree with much of it.

When you follow your dream, whether it is to go for your startup, a new corporate career or write a novel, you will be questioned by your surroundings.

”When will you get a real job?” “Is your business growing?” “Have you been promoted yet?” “Does it pay as much as your previous job?” “You know it is hard to get published!”

But you know what? I believe they all mean well. They care about you. When you stretch your comfort zone you also challenge their. They want you to be safe and they don’t know that when you stretch you comfort zone, your next will very soon become your new normal. Deep inside I think they wish they had the same courage to go for their next big thing… So take the leap of faith, go for your next big thing and inspire your surrounding to do the same! I know you can.

In the meantime, protect your confidence as if it was your most precious thing (in fact, it is). Close your mind to other people’s doubt. Or in other words – don’t give such a f*ck about what other people think.

“Doing a startup was a long journey and I was putting myself under so much pressure by giving such a f*ck about what other people think.”

Så förändrar du världen

There is no world. There is just 6 billion understandings of it.
– Drew Dudley 

Vem bestämmer vad och hur världen är och ska vara? Svaret är ingen och alla. Det finns si så där 7 miljarder idéer, eller uppfattningar, om vad världen är. En av dem finns i ditt huvud. Vill du förändra världen? Ändra dina tankar. Ändra ditt perspektiv. Börja agera som du vill att världen ska vara. Precis så enkelt och precis så svårt är det.

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