The opportunities to create the professional life you want have never been greater. The technical evolution and the internet enable working from wherever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want. You no longer have to worry about whether the market is big enough – today you can connect with your tribe all over the world. You can develop new innovative business models supporting the lifestyle you seek and letting you go for Your Next Big Thing.

More and more professionals choose to take on temporary “gigs” instead of full time employments. So why not turn that thing you really dig, into a gig?

On Thursday we’ll do a BLAB on the topic “If you Dig It – Gig It!”. If you’re interested in knowing more about this, join us on Thursday!


Tonight I will host my very first blab on the topic “The Beta Paradigm – Crackin’ the Code of Being Hired”. Me and my co-author of the book The Beta Paradigm, Per Frykman, will share our best ideas and success factors on how to get hired now and in the future. 7 hours to go 🙂

Most welcome to join us! Sign up here.


Alright, thought I’ll try to illustrate what we actually mean with a customized book. And yesterday (which for the record was Saturday 😉 ) I was in the store to buy some sweets and this metaphor came into my mind. In Sweden you can buy sweets basically in two ways – pre-packed or unpacked.


Pre-packed is actually the way we buy books today.


You can of course choose what book you’d like to read. But you can’t really effect what’s inside. And after having a lot of the same you might get a bit bored (not always of course) and sometimes there might even be part you don’t like a t all and as a consequence don’t eat, or read in case of the book.


What we intent to do is this:



We’ll write our best ideas and what we know about how to be successful in the beta paradigm – a professional world where change is constant and so fast that you need to be a permanent beta version of yourself, Then, you choose what parts you’d like in your book. In that way you’ll get a book uniquely tailor-made for you where you actually like all the content (at least the chances are good you will).


We don’t know exactly how this will be done, yet. If you like the idea and wanna be part of pushing the book business forward, please help us out. You find our crowdfunding campaign here. We’d love your support!


Preparing a keynote on the future of work life. Three keywords to be successful in my belief: flexibility, swiftness, courage.

This is what I think is needed:

  • Stay flexible: change is the only thing constant, make sure you can easily take on new conditions. Never settle, always strive to make progress.
  • Move fast(er): No time for extensive planning, launch in beta and improve as you go.
  • Be courageous: Takes courage to push opportunities and make new, disruptive ideas come to life. But that’s the way forward.


In exactly one week the crowdfunding campaign for our next book The Beta Paradigm will go live. Excited and quite nervous – this is something I’ve never done before. Why a crowdfunding campaign? Because we need help 🙂 We actually don’t know exactly how to do a fully customized book because, as far as we know, no one has done that before. So we’re kind of breaking new ground here – and we can’t do it alone!


If you like the idea of a fully customized guide to your professional life in the Beta Paradigm, stay tuned as we go live next Monday Oct 12th.


You know I firmly believe that business planning in the Beta Paradigm doesn’t lead to action, it IS action. That’s why I was so happy when I friend of mine shared this Robin Sharma quote today: “It’s easier to act your way into a new way of thinking versus think your way into a new way of acting”. Exactly! Was also very happy when I found this picture from the coolest parking place at Arlanda airport in my camera. Beta helps you act your way into a new way of thinking. Beta helps you act your way to Your Next Big Thing.



Tonight we interviewed Gaudi for our book The Beta Paradigm. We thought the creator of the church in constant beta (La Sagrada Familia) could have a thing or two to say to us. “It’s impossible, he’s been dead for almost a century” you might think. I say, impossible is just a point of view 😉

That’s what happened yesterday. Our book project, the Beta Paradigm, turned out to be something much bigger. We’re on a mission to set business and work life in Beta mode. Instead of limiting structures that suppress creativity and innovation, we’d like to see a system supporting creativity, innovation and giving people and companies the courage to stand out as unique.


The tech industry has known this for long – innovate or die. Their solution is constant Beta versions. You could adopt the same concept. Why not apply the concept of Beta to yourself (and your business)? We all know Beta versions have bugs, so do we. It’s time to embrace them, to decide which ones are worth fixing and which ones you can live with. But more than anything it’s time to start creating a work life where you, and your business, will be remarkable. That’s what’s the Beta Paradigm is all about.


Would you like to be part of the Beta Tribe? Stay tuned…

A business plan in the Beta Paradigm doesn’t lead to action. It IS action. Act while you plan, plan while you act. Always in Beta. Progress, not perfection. Stay in Startup Mode.

Change is hard and takes a lot of determination and effort. Most of us don’t like change. We would like to keep things the way they are. It’s safer, more convenient, risk-free… At least in our minds. In fact, change is necessary and it’s much riskier to stay the same (more about that later). I think it’s time to change how we think about change. I think it’s time to replace the forcing concept of change and adopt the concept of beta.


When you commit to beta, you automatically enter startup mode and apply the startup mindset skills needed to succeed today and tomorrow. That’s the Beta Paradigm!