Do you over-strategize?


In my former world (management consulting) the word strategy could be the most popular and mostly used word ever. Everyone suggests “we need a strategy for this” and “we need to think strategically about that”. And after strategy it’s time for planning. Strategy and planning, planning and strategy and so forth and so on. When is the time for action?



As we all know, it is action that actually changes things. But very often, action seems to have the lowest priority on our lists.


Don’t get me wrong, I think strategy and planning are super important (and fun). But. I also think we sometimes use strategy and planning as an excuse for not taking action. I think we hide behind that strategizing and planning because we are afraid. What if we start taking action and everything goes wrong? What if we fail?


Well, what if you succeed?


In today’s ever changing world there’s no time for extensive strategizing and planning. We need to act. We need to start before we’re ready. We need to launch in beta and improve as we go.


And you know what? It doesn’t matter if you fail sometime. Progress is so much more attractive than perfection.


Ready, set – GO!