Flip 1. Weaknesses >> Strenghts

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This week I thought I’ll share my 7 mindset flips to enter a mindset of possibilities and access your full potential. If you want to dig deeper into the content, check out my free ebook!


Alright, ready for some flippin’?


Flip 1: Weaknesses >> Strengths

We’re experts on putting a whole bunch of time and effort on improving our weaknesses. Right? What if we put the same about of time and effort on enhancing our strengths?


You’ve probably heard this before, but do you actually apply it? When we use and enhance our strengths, it might not feel like work anymore. It’s easy and fun – and that cannot be work, right? Might actually be you have this feeling of ”cheating”…

If you feel like that I say congratulations! You’re on the right track. When you’re working in areas where you’re uniquely talented, work is both easy and a whole lot of fun. And that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be.


Start practicing today!