Flip 2: Same, Same >> Different

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This week I thought I’ll share my 7 mindset flips to enter a mindset of possibilities and access your full potential. If you want to dig deeper into the content, check out my free ebook!


Ready for some flippin’?


Flip 2: Same, same >> Different

Why are we so eager to fit in when we were born to stand out? Why do we seem to think that one size fits all when it comes to our professional lives and our careers? I’m convinced there’s certainly NOT one size that fits all in professional life. Who sets the agenda for your career or how you’re running your business? You? Or what you think is expected by your family, friends, society…? Or maybe your limiting beliefs about what’s possible?


What if you start to use your unique combinations of strengths and talents no matter if it fits into your current role? What if you decided to walk your own path? What if you start nurturing your creativity every day so that you can look beyond limitations and design your professional life?


Think about that until tomorrow and flip no 3 🙂