Flip 4: Perfection >> Progress

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This week I thought I’ll share my 7 mindset flips to enter a mindset of possibilities and access your full potential. If you want to dig deeper into the content, check out my free ebook!


Ready for some more flippin’?


Flip 4: Perfection >> Progress

Ever faced perfection paralysis? You know when you’re so overwhelmed by the idea of perfection you end up doing nothing. I certainly have. Today, everything changes so fast there’s no time for extensive planning and strategizing. If you wait until you know everything you’ll want forever. We all act in information-poor, resource-constrained and time-compressed surroundings. No one “knows it all”. In all honesty, could it even be you sometimes use planning and strategizing as an excuse for not taking action? (more about that in this LinkedIn post I wrote some time ago)


betaIf you’ve been with me for a while you know I like seeing myself as a beta version. Not perfect but making progress all the time. Every day I launch a slightly improved version of myself and my business as I continue my exciting professional journey. Why not give it a try?


There is no such thing as a right time, right place or right conditions. Stop being paralyzed by perfection. Commit to constant progress.