make a life, not a living!

We spend most of our conscious time at work. Make it count!

Of course you can’t reach Your Next Big Thing doing something that slowly kills you inside out. To set off on the exciting journey and unleash your next big thing you must access your full potential. You need to transform your professional life into something where you make a life, not just a living.


I was an expert doing what was expected of me. I studied a University program that would give me a good job. I started a successful career. Felt that something was missing. Studied another program at another prestigious school and started a new career. I did well; I made good money and worked with exciting clients. But something was still missing… I felt that there were more inside me waiting to be released. I was frustrated and angry with myself, why couldn’t I settle down and be happy?


But I realized that my work life and all hours I spend at work is way too important to do something I don’t like. I realized that I did know what I was looking for, what I really wanted to do – it was just a matter of uncover that purpose and start taking action towards my next big thing. I learned that there is no such thing as the right time or right circumstances, it’s just about making the decision and start the journey. And step by step I started to create the work life I love.


I have realized that many people struggle with the same thing, wishing something more from their work life. When you follow your enthusiasm you will create a work life that is fulfilling and inspiring and that make you fell energized instead of exhausted.


Someone might wonder about my next big thing. Well, my ambition is to inspire and help you to step into your path. Because I want you to feel the inspiration, happiness, creativity and energy that follows. It is your life. Live it your way! You can make a difference. Use your unique abilities, talents, ideas and creativity to create positive change in the world. Don’t worry about things like “you can’t make a living out of that” or “no one will ever buy such a product/service”. When you follow your enthusiasm your creativity will take care of all those problems for you. ”Creativity is a natural extension of your enthusiasm” said Earl Nightingale. True! I have experienced that more than once.


To inspire you yo go for Your Next Big Thing, that’s my next big ting.


Since 2015 I’m very happy to offer the Make a life, not a living process together with Hammer & Hanborg. (in Swedish)


The Make a Life, Not a LivingTM Process


1. Uncover your purpose
Discover what you really want, where your enthusiasm and passion is. So that you can create a work life that’s fulfilling and inspiring.

2. Discover your brilliance
Learn to know and release your unique abilities and talents. So that you can use you full potential.

3. Create your arena
Find your ”sweet spot” where your enthusiasm and talents meet. So that you know where you will be the best you.

4. Map out your next step
We create clarity of your now and your next – opportunities and obstacles on the way – and your next step. So that you can start your process at your pace and from your conditions.

5. Manifest
Start acting as you were already doing what you really want. So that you start manifest and take the first steps towards your next – a work life you love.

6. Unblock yourself
Challenge your internal blocks and start attracting opportunities. So that you get out of your own way on your way forward.

7. Excel
Create systems for continuous growth. So that you never stay in mediocrity, you are meant for greatness!





Learn more about the book Fit in or F*ck off – Your guide to a more fulfilling work-life (in Swedish)