My top 3 advice for entrepreneurs (and other professionals)

Was asked on Twitter the other day about my best advice for entrepreneurs. Thought I should share it here as well. My top 3 advice for entrepreneurs – and all other professionals:


1. Love what you do
If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing – quit! Your passion will inspire your clients, your employees, your colleagues, your employer… Nothing makes you more attractive than being really passionate about your work!


2. Stay curious

Today, everything changes all the time. Clients and talents change preferences. Overnight existing markets are gone and new have emerged. To stay relevant you need to keep your mind open to all the opportunities around you.
Hint: Curiosity is also a really good tool to preserve passion. Just saying… 🙂 


3. Think beta

Change is fast. To keep up you need to act now. There is no time for extensive planning. In fact, I think we often use planning as an excuse for not taking action… Therefore – think progress, not perfection. Start before you’re ready. Launch yourself in beta version and improve as you go!




Rock on! 🙂