My top 5 take aways from StartupDay 2015

Yesterday, I attended StartupDay 2015 in Stockholm. A great and inspiring day! It also confirmed my ideas about Your Next Big Thing. Here are my five key takeaways.

1. Be passionate about what you’re doing

Reason 1: To become successful as an entrepreneur you need to be an expert of the problem you’re trying to solve. That means spend hours and hours on researching that topic. If you find it boring it’s very unlikely you’ll succeed…
Reason 2: There is no such thing as work/life balance today. Work is life and life is work. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing that’s not a problem, not even scary 😉

2. Dream big but start small

Keep your mind open and never forget WHY you are in business. But be careful about the steps your trying to take. If too big, chances are you will be totally overwhelmed and simply stay where you are. Instead take small steps frequently. Have fun, play and move forward one step at the time.

3. Beta, beta, beta

I wrote about why we should look at ourselves as an app last week. During StartupDay many speakers talked about the importance of experimenting and trying different tings to see what works. My take on that is that we need to think of ourselves and our business as Beta versions. We need to launch even though we think we aren’t ready and then make constant improvements as we move on. Remember – it’s about progress, not perfection

4. Competition doesn’t exist

There is no such thing as a zero-sum game. The future is collaboration. Because there’s only one YOU and no one will do the exact same thing as you do in the exact same way. We need to find our own nisch and get experts in our field. In the future everyone will be an entrepreneur. Freelancing will be the new nine to five. There will be lots and lots of exiting, awesome people out there to do business with. Be exceptional at ONE thing. Let others take care of the rest. Together we will create magic!

5. Alter the future

Entrepreneurship will be the way to actually change the world. It’s the new activism! Your business is your opportunity to create an alternative future and make an impact.

So, what are you waiting for? I say welcome to Your Next Big Thing. Ready…set…GO!