Sneak peek from Sharp Body, Sharp Mind


Last Friday it was time for our new concept called Sharp Body, Sharp Mind at Bosön, Stockholm. Actually, what happens at Bosön stays at Bosön 😉 But I’ll give you a sneak peek…

We started with a workout session to fully wake up, be present and get our creativity flow. As you know workout really boost creativity by increasing blood flow, giving focus and increasing confidence.


Then, three breakthrough workshops giving the group new ideas and insights when it comes to Your Next Big Thing, What’s Your Case and Your Professional Reputation. It was amazing how the group shared ideas and helped stretching each other’s comfort zones! Big up to all whom participated! 🙂

Last but not least the group together took on a workout challenge based on the expectations they’d build during the day. And delivered, of course.

Well, we had sweat – but no blood and no tears. Instead we had lots of passion and laughter. I believe we all learned something new about ourselves during the day.

Next event will take place on May 8th at Bosön. We will continue doing this with small, exclusive groups. Make sure to reserve your spot by sending me an email


What a super exciting day! (you can tell we’re excited by the picture, right? 😉 )