Watch This TED Talk. Period.

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Yesterday was International Women’s Day and my friend and business partner Magdalena Bibik wrote a blog post about this TED talk. I watched it this morning and WOW, did I resonate or what?!

In the TED talk Reshma Saujani tells how we teach girls perfection and boys bravery, and how she learned to be brave at 33. The same is true for me. Until I was 31 and decided to jump off that cliff and start my own business I was very much stuck in the “women perfection trap” thought by society; doing what was expected of me and taking small risks. But starting and running a business is nothing but a series of imperfect actions and taking more or less educated risks. And I love it! 🙂 Therefore I will do my very best to inspire more women (and men) to go for their professional dreams, to be brave and take the risks necessary to make their dream come true.


Progress is what counts, not perfection. Perfection is boring. Just do it. I know you can.


Now, take 12 minutes and watch the TED talk: