What Sweets Have To Do With The World’s First Customized Book? Everything!

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Alright, thought I’ll try to illustrate what we actually mean with a customized book. And yesterday (which for the record was Saturday 😉 ) I was in the store to buy some sweets and this metaphor came into my mind. In Sweden you can buy sweets basically in two ways – pre-packed or unpacked.


Pre-packed is actually the way we buy books today.


You can of course choose what book you’d like to read. But you can’t really effect what’s inside. And after having a lot of the same you might get a bit bored (not always of course) and sometimes there might even be part you don’t like a t all and as a consequence don’t eat, or read in case of the book.


What we intent to do is this:



We’ll write our best ideas and what we know about how to be successful in the beta paradigm – a professional world where change is constant and so fast that you need to be a permanent beta version of yourself, Then, you choose what parts you’d like in your book. In that way you’ll get a book uniquely tailor-made for you where you actually like all the content (at least the chances are good you will).


We don’t know exactly how this will be done, yet. If you like the idea and wanna be part of pushing the book business forward, please help us out. You find our crowdfunding campaign here. We’d love your support!