Why you should think of yourself as an app – part 2

Obsession – a key to success

I’m really inspired by the ever-changing digital world and think we can learn a lot from the digital approach. Lately I’ve been experimenting with thinking of myself as an app. What if this is version 1.0 of the professional me? And every day it’s my mission to release an updated version. I try to identify the bugs. I decide which are important to improve and which I can live with. I try new ways of doing things, to see if I can find an even better way. That’s the concept of ”beta”. Being in permanent beta is my mission. Progress, not perfection.


But there’s more to learn from apps.


What characterize a great app? It’s really good at delivering something in particular. There’s no great app delivering both taxi services and workout programs and productivity tools and pod casts. A great app is really good at what it does and leaves the rest to someone else.


Lots of people, including me, talks about the importance of being passionate about what you do. I heard the other day that it might be time to change passion to obsession. We need to find something so interesting that we get obsessed about it. Where we’re eager to learn more and where we improve effortless – because we think it’s both inspiring and fun.


Great apps are obsessed about solving their problem. Just as you should be. All other things should end up on your ”to don’t”-list.