Why you should think of yourself as an app – part 3


Time to celebrate!

Time to learn more from apps. Before we’ve learned the beta approach. To start even if you think you aren’t ready and improve as you go. To try new ways of doing things and see if you can find an even better way. To think progress, not perfection. We’ve also learned that great apps are obsessed about delivering something in particular. It’s really good at what it does and leaves the rest to someone else. Use you ”to don’t” list!


One more thing to learn from apps. Many apps uses some element of gamification – when you complete a task you get a fanfare, you get rewarded when you’ve run faster than before, you get a high five when you’ve sent your campaign. What about you? How good are you at celebrating your successes? Often, we strive to reach a goal and when we’re finally there we tend to already be on our way to the next one. Acknowledging our accomplishments helps build our confidence. More confidence means more action. More action means more accomplishments. And more accomplishments means an impact in the world.


Celebration makes you happy and energized, when we’re happy and energized we’re more creative and creativity is essential to keep up with today’s ever-changing world.


My advice – start celebrating! Create your TA DA list.


Thanks again Per Frykman for inspiration on the TA DA list.