Why you should think of yourself as an app


The digital development has changed a lot, not to say everything. For example, it has changed our acceptance for constant progress. Take a look at yourself – does it bother you that you need to update your apps once in a while? Or does it even make you happy? Someone has been working on making that app even better and easier to use. Maybe based on your feedback!


In today’s expectations economy, where what’s next is what counts, we need to constantly reinvent ourselves and our businesses. And things change so fast that we need to launch even if we think we aren’t ready. We need to take that first tiny step although we don’t know exactly where we’re heading. And when we’ve taken that first step we need to take another one, because stagnation is today’s biggest danger.


This is where we can learn from app development! We need to constantly release Beta versions of ourselves. Don’t panic! You don’t need to become a robot or know any code 😉 In fact you’ve probably already started. Releasing Beta versions is about making small adjustments as we grow and develop, its about constantly improving based on our new learnings and insights.


All you need to do is to shift your mindset and have the guts to start even though you think you aren’t ready. And you know what – it much more fun to hang out with someone making progress than someone being perfect. At least in my opinion 🙂


Big up to Per Frykman who came up with the brilliant concept of the Beta version of you.