Set A Deadline. Then Halve It.

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Wrote about Newton’s law of motion and its connection to work life the other day. Another law that I think is perfectly applicable in our professional life is Parkinson’s law. It states that


“Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”


Meaning if you have 1 hour to do something, it will take 1 hour. If you have 2 weeks to complete the same thing, it will take 2 weeks. Something to think about when setting a deadline.


I’ve also notices that when it comes to the really important stuff, those that will create the business or professional life you want, we have a tendency to not set any deadlines… There’s always “business as usual” stuff getting in the way and the important work has to wait. Bummer.


What if you should try to give the first thing you could do to create the business/professional life you want a deadline? What if you should halve the time you think you need to complete the task? What would happen?


According to Parkinson’s law you’ll do just fine 🙂