Are you a dreaming doer?


In today’s constantly changing work life we all need to be creative and innovate. No matter if you are employed by yourself or by someone else, you’ll need to have the mindset of an entrepreneur – or an intrapreneur. You need to open your mind to opportunities and you need to take action to transform these opportunities into reality. You need to be a dreaming doer! If not, both you and your company will stagnate and slowly start to go down.

”Treading water is just a polite term for controlled drowning. You have to swim to survive. If you’re not going anywhere, you’re going to drown.” (Garrison Wynn)

Where are you going? What’s your next big thing? Do you have the mindset of an entre- or intrapreneur?

If you feel stuck and struggle with feeling inspired the solution is to start taking action. Imagine one single thing you can do differently in your work life – big or small doesn’t matter. Make the decision to do just this one single thing different tomorrow.

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