Before making a business plan you need to do this

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Simon Sinek found out that really successful leaders and companies are the one that starts with why. They answer the question WHY they’re doing what they’re doing before describing HOW and WHAT they’re doing. Although, most companies still just tell us the what. And the same is true when we make our business plans. We answer what we deliver and we answer how our business models look. But do we consider why we’re in business? In my experience the answer is unfortunately most often ”no”.


Today it’s even more crucial to start with why, as markets and prerequisites are changing faster than ever. Let me explain:

We use Apple as an example as it’s familiar to most of us and also very easy to follow. If Apple had started with telling us what they do the answer would have been ”computers”. Adding the how ”user friendly and with stunning design”. In this case we wouldn’t have had the iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch and so on.


Fortunately Apple did start with why – ”we challenge status quo”. Following up with the how ”we make really user friendly and good looking products” and as a result the what can be everything from computers to smartphones to watches to who knows what comes next. Knowing their why means Apple can constantly develop and catch up with the market – even quite often disrupt the market…


Starting with why means freedom to explore, it means you can become the change maker you’d like to be. So before making that business plan, explore your WHY, find out what you’d like to take a stand for, what movement you’d like to start. Then go tell the world.


Knowing WHY is one of the essential ingredients to keep a constant startup mode and make a bigger impact in the world. And of course it’s a part of my Your Next Big Thing SystemTM. Learn more.