No matter what we tend to believe, there are no rules how to handle our (professional) lives. No predestined path to follow. No right answers. Instead there’s an exciting and inspiring road ahead, yours to explore.


Do it.



Don’t waste your energy trying to convince people to work with you. If your values and vision are different you won’t be a perfect match anyway. Instead use that energy to speak your truth and inspire others to share your dream. That’s how you find your tribe and together you will create great things.


I believe we do way too much without actually paying attention to what we do and how it make us feel. I think that’s why so many people do something they actually dislike day in and day out. Today, pay some extra attention to what you do at work. What makes you happy and energized? What brings you that feeling of fulfilment and joy?


Then, do more of that tomorrow.


Attended a very interesting event discussing leadership last week. The panel concluded that we need bold leaders with a clear and thought-through idea about what they want. I believe that is true for us as individuals as well. We are the leaders in our own lives. Decide what you want and dare to take a stand for that. Also when it means walking unknown paths in the adventure called professional life. Have the courage to define your way.



Gave a presentation the other day about the growing Gig Economy. We discussed the definition of a gig and what’s really the difference between a gig:er, a consultant or a freelancer. Interesting to think about. I think one of the most important things that distinguishes gig:ing is that it makes the professional the rock star she or he is supposed to be. Your work is your art. Your job is your stage. Be the star you’re supposed to be. Unleash your rock star qualities.


One thing I repeatedly hear from people I’ve been working with is that they find themselves much more confident when interviewed for a new job or gig and as a result find themselves getting that second interview or even the job/gig. Makes me super happy of course. I’d say that’s because when you know what you want and where you’re heading you reclaim the power of your professional life. And that’s just super attractive.


Stay true to yourself, be confident with what you have to offer and what you want in return and your professional adventure will be so much more fun!


Time to reclaim the power.


Be your own boss. Nope doesn’t mean you have to start your own business (if you don’t want to). Means you step up and take responsibility for making your time at work count. Don’t waste your potential. Become the hero you’re supposed to be.




Today planning doesn’t lead to action, it IS action. Action is what changes things. Act your way into the future you’d like to see.


Best way to predict the future? Create it!


I know, we all have excuses for not taking action. That’s just how it is. Then it’s our task to get rid of those excuses and take action to achieve our professional freedom. It’s just that “not having time” is such a stupid excuses for not realizing your dreams. I mean: what could possibly be a better way to spend time than to make your dreams come true? I just don’t get it. So please, skip the time excuse. I’m sure you have enough excuses anyway 😉 Use your time wisely and create the professional life you want!


I basically follow three series: Game of Thrones, Vikings and Silicon Valley. All about more or less crazy visionaries with a bold dream. I’m actually kind of obsessed with people with bold dreams – missions – and the courage (or craziness) to go after that dream/follow their mission. Makes me super happy that many of the experts on future professional life that I talk to seem to agree upon the fact that future winners will be the ones with crazy missions.


What’s your crazy mission?