Creating your ideal professional life means walking an undefined path where no-one has walked before. Very tempting to choose another well-defined and easy-walked path instead. But remember: no-one knows what’s your ideal professional life but you. Walking a pre-defined path might be easier but it won’t lead to your professional freedom.


You are the hero in your professional adventure! Do you dare to accept your quest? Of course you do! 🙂


Spending this afternoon proof reading our coming book ”If You Dig It Gig It”. Getting totally excited (again) by today’s endless opportunities to actually create your ideal professional life. Today, you can choose to work in a way that allows you to be your very best self and supports your desired lifestyle. You no longer have to worry about whether your local market is big enough because you can easily reach your tribe globally. You no longer have to force yourself to fit into obsolete structures because if you don’t match a traditional role you can create your own.


Will be super-exciting to see how we will work in the future. I think we will see a lot more people running their own business as a tool to do inspiring work. If you dig it gig it!

Everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized. AI and robots will do more and more of what we today consider our work. Easy to get a bit scared – where will it all end? My firm belief is that we will see new opportunities and create new types of work. A unique chance to create the professional life you want! Where you love what you do, work in a way that support your desired quality of life and boost your creativity. To get there we need the courage to try, break free from limiting structures and push our ideas forward. Scary at first. Good news is it gets easier and easier each time.


The Gig Economy offers brand new opportunities for our professional lives. And will probably transform how we work and do business in the future. Exciting times indeed! In our new book, my co-author Per Frykman and I are giving our best thoughts and ideas on how your future professional life in the Gig Economy can be. The book is now in the design process and we’re looking forward to launch it in the end of September.


Learn more about the book here.



Sometimes we think it’s so important that things get ”right” in our professional lives. Well, don’t get me wrong; of course it’s important that it gets right in terms of that you find it inspiring and fulfilling. But it’s not that important that we get it perfectly right on our first try. Nice to hear management gurus like Tom Peters agree that the strategy to win is to try, try once more and then try again. As you know, we have no idea where our professional adventure will take us. Therefore it’s all about taking one step at the time.


And remember – the one that tries the most wins.



One of the first questions I get when people find out I run my own business is: Isn’t it lonely? My answer is simple: No.


Actually I felt more alone as an employee – even though I had amazing colleagues around me. Because I had quite a hard time finding out where I belonged and what I was supposed to do with my professional life. Made me think that loneliness might have very little to do with the number of people in the room and a whole lot to do with whether you are in the right place for you or not… If the question of loneliness is stopping you from following your professional dream, check out this.



“You may want your work to be perfect. I want mine to be finished”.


Read this in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. Something to keep in mind when setting off for your professional dream! ”Work” in this aspect meaning what you do to create your ideal professional life. You know, just by starting you’ve come way further than the majority. Because most of us will think and plan then realize it will never be perfect anyway so better not give it a try. I suggest you shift perfection to progress. I suggest you start now. Remember that once you have, you are way ahead of most of us.


Your professional freedom is waiting. Go!


When we’re trying something we haven’t done before we have no clue whether it will work or not. That’s the situation whatever change you’re making in your professional life. It is scary to set off for something unknown and could be tempting to stay where you are – after all you know what you have but you don’t know what you will get, right? The brilliant idea might not be that brilliant after all…


Well, maybe not. But what if it is and you don’t give it a try? The only way to know is to go for it.


That’s the reason you should give it a try.



No, you don’t need more information to start creating your ideal professional life. What you need is the energy and the commitment to make the change. I know it’s tempting to do some more research, I know we’d all very much like to know whether it will work or not… Sorry to say you’d never know unless you try. The only way to find out is to start taking action. Remember, the goal is not perfection it’s progress.


So, what are you waiting for?


Read Seth Godin’s blog on how we sometimes hide behind our job (tasks, procedures to-dos, meetings…) instead of focusing on our work; the value creating things you do like no other. Why? When we stick to our job, we stay in the comfort zone with no risk of failure. When we do our work we put ourselves out there, pushing things forward. Which is exactly what the world needs.


”When you discover that the job is in the way of the work, consider changing your job enough that you can go back to creating value. Anything less is hiding.” (Seth Godin)