Flip 6: Experience >> Potential

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This week I thought I’ll share my 7 mindset flips to enter a mindset of possibilities and access your full potential. If you want to dig deeper into the content, check out my free ebook!


Time for some more flippin’!


Flip 6: Experience >> Potential

The future is the future, not the past. So why are we so obsessed with our past when marketing ourselves or our businesses? Think about it, what do you promote when applying for a new job or approaching a prospective client? For most, the answer is the past. We send in our resumes, we talk about successful cases from the past. And all this despite the fact that research shows that potential outshines experience when deciding whom to hire.


I’m not suggesting your experience is unimportant. I’m just saying it’s not THE thing. And most of all I like to stress this:

Don’t let your past experiences dictate your future.


Because the future is about the future, not the past.