This week I thought I’ll share my 7 mindset flips to enter a mindset of possibilities and access your full potential. If you want to dig deeper into the content, check out my free ebook!


Ready for the last and final flip? 🙂


Flip 7: Follow >> Lead

To create your professional future you’ll have to put yourself in the front seat, grab the steering-wheel and decide where you want to go. Enough following. Time to take the lead.


As a leader creating your ideal professional life you have to communicate what you want. Because you know what? If you don’t tell anyone, no one will know. Sounds obvious but this is actually where many of us fail. It’s not enough to think or even write down what you want to do. Until we invent mind-reading, you must tell the world. Scary the first time but gets easier and easier.


There’s power in the words ”I WANT…”. When you say them out loud you will automatically start moving in that direction. When you tell the world ”I want…”, opportunities you could never ever dream of will show up.


Repeat after me: I want…