Nex(t)cellence™ THINK TANK, September 24th-27th in Barcelona


Tired of the Swedish summer weather? Join us in Barcelona! 🙂


I’m very happy to present my latest collaboration with Per Frykman and Magdalena Bibik: Nex(t)cellence. Maybe you’ve heard Tom Peters say ”Excellence is not an aspiration, it’s the next five minutes”? We call it Nex(t)cellence and within this concept we will strive to give you the tools to succeed in today´s ever-changing world.


In September we will go to Barcelona for a 3 day Nex(t)cellence THINK TANK. In this THINK TANK we will work on your ideas, strategy and promotion of your company to expand it’s borders heading for success. Together with a limited number of participants, you will co-create ideas and insights on the future entrepreneurship and work-life.


For three days, we will look into you professional reputation – your most important asset – and how it kicks off the expectations that are so crucial today. We will explore how you enter and stay in startup mode to be even more creative and take action on new ideas. We will challenge you to expand your case and the boarders of your business.


As the numbers of participants are limited, make sure to reserve your spot today!


Nex(t)cellence THINK TANK gives you the opportunity to meet exciting people, to co-create ideas and set you, and your business, for success.


We promise that it will be extremely creative, rewarding and last but not least: a lot of fun! And a lot warmer and sunnier than Swedish summer (so far)… 😉