Last days I’ve been working from Barcelona, preparing our upcoming Nex(t)cellence event. Also got really inspired by one of the great monuments; Sagrada Familia. Thought I would share my takeaways with you this week.


This building has been under construction the last 125 years and won’t be finished any time soon, if ever. I call it being in permanent beta 🙂 So, can you not be finished and still attract clients and earn money?


Oh yes! Sagrada Familia is fully financed by exhibition fees and people stay in line for hours to see it. In fact, not being finished is what makes it attractive. I think the same goes for you and your business; you’re more attractive when you’re in beta, making progress. Finished, or perfect, is boring.


Here’s what to expect from the Nex(t)cellence THINK TANK:

  • At least 5 new, exciting and highly actionable ideas for your professional life
  • To learn about the latest trends and the new logic of business and work-life
  • You get to know your unique assets as an entrepreneur/intrapreneur
  • A valuable network of likeminded people
  • A bunch of kick-ass spirit 😉
  • Your unique road map to your professional future


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In Barcelona, unexpected and exciting things happen in every corner of the street. Could be crazy architecture or a cool jam session with a jazz band – you know when one person starts by taking a note, the next one starts improvising and no one knows where it will end.


Just as music has endless opportunities, so has business and work-life. Open your mind, listen to the notes playing and join. Or start your own jam session by taking that first note. You’ll be surprised by the result 🙂


Learn more about the future of entrepreneurship and work-life at Nex(t)cellence THINK TANK, Sept 24-27 in Barcelona.

Your perspective is your most important, maybe only, tool. A changed perspective means new opportunities. Meeting with new people often means new perspectives. Going to exciting places is another way to get new perspectives, especially if the place in itself contains a lot of different influences – like Barcelona. It’s not a coincidence that our Nex(t)cellence THINK TANK – a group of sharp and somewhat crazy minds co-creating ideas on the future of entrepreneurship and work-life – will take place there 🙂


Welcome to join us!

In my opinion:

  • The fastest way to change is to spend time with the right people
  • The best way to make sure you don’t settle is to meet new, exciting people with different perspectives but a common interest
  • The funniest way to learn is together with others, picking each other’s brains.


Do you agree? Welcome to join our Nex(t)cellence THINK TANK in beautiful Barcelona! A small group of sharp and somewhat crazy minds co-creating ideas on the future of work-life and entrepreneurship. September 24-27.


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Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelona’s most famous buildings. Also known as a never-ending project. Sometime said with resignation, but I think it is just the opposite! This is a church in constant beta version! Just as Sagrada Familia, you and your business are never done. There’s always a chance to do things differently, to improve, grow and get to the next level. I’m so looking forward to our Nex(t)cellence THINK TANK where we’ll explore the future of entrepreneurship and work-life. Of course with inspiration from the church in permanent beta.


Why not join? 🙂