All about the results

Here’s what to expect from the Nex(t)cellence THINK TANK:

  • At least 5 new, exciting and highly actionable ideas for your professional life
  • To learn about the latest trends and the new logic of business and work-life
  • You get to know your unique assets as an entrepreneur/intrapreneur
  • A valuable network of likeminded people
  • A bunch of kick-ass spirit 😉
  • Your unique road map to your professional future


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Add an extra

Today could be an ordinary day. If you don’t decide to add an extra. Then it is an extraordinary day. You could be ordinary in your field of work. If you don’t decide to add an extra. Then you will be extraordinary.


I think that extra contains equal amounts of curiosity, creativity, love of what you do and willingness to make progress instead of perfection.


When you think you’re writing a book and realize you’re creating a movement…

That’s what happened yesterday. Our book project, the Beta Paradigm, turned out to be something much bigger. We’re on a mission to set business and work life in Beta mode. Instead of limiting structures that suppress creativity and innovation, we’d like to see a system supporting creativity, innovation and giving people and companies the courage to stand out as unique.


The tech industry has known this for long – innovate or die. Their solution is constant Beta versions. You could adopt the same concept. Why not apply the concept of Beta to yourself (and your business)? We all know Beta versions have bugs, so do we. It’s time to embrace them, to decide which ones are worth fixing and which ones you can live with. But more than anything it’s time to start creating a work life where you, and your business, will be remarkable. That’s what’s the Beta Paradigm is all about.


Would you like to be part of the Beta Tribe? Stay tuned…

Why you shouldn’t protect your ideas

As a group-training instructor I listen to A LOT of music, especially when a new term is about to start. In my case mainly House. One thing that I really like about the ”House community” is that everyone builds upon each other’s ideas all the time. It’s actually a prerequisite to make remixes of other DJs songs. A win-win situation: the “remixer” gets a great song for her/his set, and the original artist’s music is spread.


What if we would fully embrace that idea in business and let others advance our ideas instead of trying to protect them at all cost? Interesting thought, right? 🙂


Are you waiting to get inspired?

Wrote yesterday about saying yes to the artist inside. Struck me that artists have one more super important characteristic that I think we all should learn from: Artists don’t passively wait to be inspired. They actively seek out inspiration. And they know that sometimes you need to do the work, inspired or not (which in fact is a really good way to get inspired: start doing the work).


I find it helpful to keep a list of inspiring activities and when feeling completely out of inspiration I look at the list, chose one activity and get going. What about you?


You’re an artist!

Art and nature are great sources of inspiration to me and the combination at Wanås Konst is perfect. Yesterday’s visit made me think about artistry. To me, an important part of being an artist is to always continue exploring, learning and experiment. To challenge perspectives and strive for growth. To see a pig in a pile of wood 🙂 Being an artist means to stay in startup mode.


I think we all have the potential to be artists in our field of interest. But it takes a commitment: say yes to the artist inside. Keep on exploring. Keep on learning. Keep on experimenting. Stay in Startup Mode!

Someone needs to take that first note…

In Barcelona, unexpected and exciting things happen in every corner of the street. Could be crazy architecture or a cool jam session with a jazz band – you know when one person starts by taking a note, the next one starts improvising and no one knows where it will end.


Just as music has endless opportunities, so has business and work-life. Open your mind, listen to the notes playing and join. Or start your own jam session by taking that first note. You’ll be surprised by the result 🙂


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Dream. And do.

Read this quote by Robin Sharma today: Having a grand vision is cool. Being amazing at getting it done is far hipper.” I agree – a vision, no matter how attractive, will be nothing but a dream without execution. But just executing without that bigger idea will be a waste of time. Therefore, I’m a huge fan of the expression Dreaming Doer. I think that’s exactly what the future need – people that dream, and see things as they could be rather than as they are, and then get the dreams done.


So dream. And do.

Stand out!

Today I took a walk in the beautiful surroundings of my current stay and found a grain field where some spikes had grown a bit higher than the rest. Made me think about what it takes to stand out in today’s ever-changing work-life. To be the expert in your desired field. To be the one leading change in your industry. I think it takes a startup mindset; where you’re passionate about what you do, let your creativity flourish and constantly launch new updated beta versions of yourself and your business. It’ll take focus and hard work, but once you’re there, you’ll get a whole new view.